Saturday, 22 October 2011

Perempuan Psiko!

Ahahahaha.. I was laughing at myself after we got our ass out from IOI cinema...watching film entitled "Klip 3GP"... well..I don't want to blame myself for picking that movie for us..since the trailer wasn't that bad.. So I was sort of fooled la by the trailer (I felt loser seriously I did).. So went la all 6 of us with (Tini Shasya Kiti and Famie altogether watch tis movie.. First, we were taken into surprise coz Famie used his Iphone techno GSC apps wich doesn't require us to collect entry ticket..we passed through ticket collection counter just like passing Touch n' Go!! amazing! hahah (nampak sangat la aku ni buta IT kan)..

Ok well..that's not what I actually want to share..but just the story of this one girl, Kasia (nama sebenar dirahsiakan..I'm sorry if u read this..but I hope u didn't..and if u might not b u I'm talking, sorry) hehe.. Few weeks earlier before Klip 3GP came out..I was haunted by Kasia.. I see Kasia as a saiko punya perempuan..and ofkos..I care becZ she's saiko towards me.. I had a relationship with her ex (which we didn't last long for some reasons).. While me and him were together..she kept calling..fb-ing..texting..and bbm-ing me over and over again telling this guy this this guy that..even making up stories about them together..Gosh! for God sake..she already had a new bf! and even this one time..this guy put a picture of me n him jadi his bbm picture..and she went totali upset until she use the same picture of me and him as her bbm picture as well! cud u imagine???? she purposely stole the picture and put status like "mereka sangat sweet..semoga bahagia" like what the heck???!! saiko gile nak pakai gamba aku..ko nk bagitau org ape??yg bf ko kena rampas n tula wajah perampas?? hey pompuan..kalo ko nak sangat..amekla! aku pon da tinggal dia dah..puasla hati kau kan saiko! hahah (ok..i shudn't be mad..that's funny).. and she even naik status like "kai sweet macam gajah!" "janganlah nak balas dendam dengan DP saya" "DP kamu sgt sweet" i mean like seriously girl...what is wrong with u??? i never stole him from u.. you can owes have him..just to be mean..let me say this HE DOESN'T WANT YOU..YOU ARE HIS OLD TOY! sorry ;p --u know how to be mean in bbm and fb..n i know how to be mean in my blog! sorry chenta (bwekk nama pon da tau pompuan tak senonoh!)

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  1. i told you. hot gal often gila.. juz bcoz they are pretty they think they can b saiko and still b pretty.

    but still, y dun provoke her more. see how far her saiko can be. hehehehe