Saturday, 22 October 2011

Shooting Telefilm "Jambu Hanyut"

This year..just 2 weeks before Ramadhan 2011.. Broteam Sdn Bhd had a telemovie shooting entitled "Jambu Hanyut" starring by Pak Yus (Jambu) and Taukeh (Jambu).. Directed by Abg Bade Hj Azmi.. Cameramen by Jack Rahmad.. Wardrobe by Along (Hanie).. And Make-up Artist by Kak Zai..(Who that time juz nely-wed to Abg Ali AhmadAhmad;a duo of him with Pacheye).. Since we shoot on island..we took 10 days to finish the complete tele.. It was tiring..yet fun! As a beginner in the industry, I gain myself much experience from Abg Bada, Abg Rusydi and Arbi Rozlan.. Thanks to Arbi, he credited my as one of the panel scriptwriters.. After few days shooting in KL (Puncak Jalil, Aminuddin Baki, Ulu Yam, and Ukay Perdana) we then proceed to Pulau Tioman for a week shooting there. It's challenging there..because we shoot on the boat move technical equipment on sea isn't easy.. Few of our crew fainted half-day during on the boat shooting including Shah and Abg Jack hehe.. The last day shooting..we have to reshoot onw whole day scene on boat! God bless us..we reshoot otherhow.. Well..everything went well.. I thanked everyone and say goodbye.. :)

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