Friday, 9 September 2011

Visiting Yoy in Ipoh

I am now in a I look outside my's raining.. A little bit distracted by the smell of an Indian uncle seats next to me..I guess I have to bear with this for the next 3 hours *sigh*... I hate it when I have to control my breathing (nobody likes this either)..
Well..actually it's not this uncle who bothers me much.. (Suddenly he stood up and left his seat! Omigosh!! Did he read this???!!hope not! I never wanted to hurt him..I was smiling at him earlier huhu) uncle..sory aaaa..above all..I do respect u as a Malaysian uncle!
Cont...I actually wanted to talk about Yoy..she is like one of my MOST GREAT GREAT FRIEND.. We know each other since we were 18..UiTM Sarawak 2005.
She is a loyal you could rely on in any matters : much hehe) all other sorts of feeling a human can ever feels..
Physically..I adore her her intelligence..and her physical.. ;p. She is tall..very skinny..perfect long legs..cute hair and fancy smile.. She's so smart that she got ANC for both her diploma and bachelor degree! While I wasn't that lucky during my diploma..she's always this simple-shirts-and-jeans and snickers..
I just can't believe she's leaving me behind for marriage..just having her leaving me to Ipoh,back to her hometown is killing me.. Now she's gonna leave for Kuching?? This is hard u know..feels like we grow up too soon..what will happen tomorrow? When the day after comes..will I still remember what happened today?? Only God knows...
To Yoy..I know marrying Wan is your destiny..I never hated him..but for him not to hurt Yoy..that part I'm not certain..let us pray for your happiness..may u live in Islam..
I love you the first day we met..I love you when we had our Diploma..I love you when we moved to Shah Alam..I love u when we were apart for work..I love today..I will love u on your wedding day.. And I will love u forever till the spirit left my body for Allah..
And the reason I'm coming for u today is because I love u Yoy..
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  1. ohwwww.. wish i can go as well!!! selamat becoming pengantin yoy!

  2. silver.... alolohhhh..mane tahu :(
    anonymous... heeee yoy said..maksehhh