Thursday, 25 August 2011

Unite + Sutera

Last week we had a break-fasting celebration with Uniters and Suterarians!

Unfortunately....None of Fifteens could make it! :( Too bad..

*For anyone who's wondering what is Unite+Sutera+Fifteen = we are three classes of our same batch in our degree program :)

We had this event at Homst Sec 13... Well...the venue is moderate... the food were also moderate... But one thing wasn't moderate..the service! We had been served by this 'uncle' yang salah-salah hantar order, and he even confused of his own dish! duhhh!  But that's still okay...sbb kitorang best!!hahhaha xpe la uncle... salahh pon booooooleeeeee (tangan ke bahu, mata pandang atas) ~

And the most funny part, when we asked that uncle to take pics for us... wht did he comment??? My sony cam was downgradeds'????? Errr....pakcik...its because of ur hand FYI....not my cam's fault! Ughhh... such uncle! Hihi u are funny unc!  

Above all..Unite + Sutera had fun!  Thanks for everyone attending... Shasya Hot, Kiti Ket, Amat, Mia, Sheena Gugurl, Piqa Ladies, Tini Kiut, Shana Aunt, Putra Aziz, Naem Lat, Jaley Lens, Azfar Fara, Fara Bom, Waney Artis, Fiezza Seksi, Amad Rakus, and Iz Speaker!

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