Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Freaking Funny Interview

Few days ago I went to an interview for an IQ Development Center (that's what they call themselves..haha) It's a post for a mentor.. the team there are after one thing: which is mentoring the kids to be active, participative, can give ideas, talkative, and could use English well.. They'll be given a book for them to read well..  so, the interview was like this:

The moment I came into the room and sit..I was asked to write an essay entitled 'My Favourite Food'..and my reaction was like (what the what that she just say????) but of course, I wrote it anyway...sambil bengong-bengong cari idea since it's been ages since I last write an essay! hahaha.. After I finished up writing my "professional-well constructed-perfect essay :p ) I was then called into her office for a face-to-face conversation..hehehe..

So she asked.....(More or less these same questions and answer...based on my windowsXP memory :p)

So what are u currently doing? -i am actually working..

What do u do in your company? -ummmm...I am an event executive..I make events..and also we involved in tv production.. (A bit exaggerating here n ther :p)

Oooo why are you applying for this job? -errrr...I am actually still confuse what job I applied. I'm gonna be honest..actually..I haven't heard of this company..n now I'm here, I still can't figure out what this place is (seriously???idk why am I answering like shit??)

Oooo ok then..well actually we call this place as an IQd..bla..bla..bla... So do u read a lot of books? -errrr....no. (At this point can hear bunyi cengkerik..krek krek) ummmm....but read magazines! (Please don't ask me what mag..otherwise I have to tell u it's only Cleo!)

Are u familiar having kids around u? -NOPE! actually..I am the last child in d family, so I don't have younger siblings..and I also do not fancy kids..

Oooooooooooooo...it's ok... errr by next Friday we will call you to let u know the result ya.. -sure! (Totally rasa memang loser gile and takkan dapat the job)

But then....few minutes later she called "Hi! we are happy to offer you the job! come and start working with us ASAP!" and that is the point I was like.............WHAAAATTT?????????? hahhahahha...

Even I gave honest useless answers..they still have the guts to offer me the job! hhaha..funny! so..end of story...

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