Saturday, 20 August 2011

Few Things

I'm a person with ambitions..

Sometimes I thought I cud rule the country..maybe starting kempen 1Mia.. (scary for u, not for me)

Sometimes I just wanna enjoy life, living at home as a housewife and do noting but jaga my kids.. (scary for me, not for u)

Sometimes I hope I could get married and runaway to a secret island and live ther as survivor n eat daging mentah and coconut (yuck!)

Sometimes I thought I maybe could marry Sultan Selangor n b a young pretty gundik.. (as proposed by dear lecturer En. Latiff)

Sometimes I dreamed about getting serious in movie-making and be a director just like Yasmin Ahmad.. (please pray tis for me)

And sometimes I just wanna be me..marrying a guy who loves till phd..own 4 kids..write scripts..and live simple and happy forever ever after..

Well....above all those, I never know which one will I be..

I'm a girl with confusions...

Some say i'm smart...some say i'm idiot... but i think i'm smadiot!

One said to me..."bodoh, pukimak, sial, babi, hei prempuan" hahhaha funny isn't it? (well, its not funny at was a gigantic pain in my chest everytime he said that)

One said to me..."i will only like u and u alone" tapi kat belakang.....debukkk!!beduyun pompuan lain.. i mean.. what's that??? i did noting wrong to u n yet y r u doing tis? juz because i dont know how to lie...doesn't mean i dont know how to tell wen u're lying to me!

One else said..."he's crazy enuf to let u go" aaaaaa~ that's the sweetest line i ever remembered i heard in d middle of my heartbroken..tengs! even if u lied...tengs...thats sooo sweet. i need that on that time..

I'm a girl with stupid hobbies...

I love learning...funny?? hahhahahaaha...yeah but i really really do... learning is fun to me.. exams are fun too!

I love writing...u figure tis out yourselves aite..

I love camera! God! dont come to me with a canon dslr...i might mingle u around ;p

I collect stamps!!! (krek krek... krek krek..) what???!! it used to be fun wen i was 7!!

I could just live with sleep! just make sure its Glee or Desperate Housewives!

Frens...wht im trying to share here isn't just about myself...but it's about MY WHOLE SELF..
U know why?? coz im tired of people treating me weird ways...n doing stuff i hate..
Please...u suffer enuf...n so do i..
What so hard about being honest and taking care of other feelings?
Take tis as my modest way of asking you people to change..
I mean....i should change too...     d least...i lose 5kg in ramadan!
May us become a better khalifah di bumi Allah..

Allah bless us us...forgive us...Allahuakbar :D

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